• In Pursuit of the Perfect Burger

    In my mind, there’s nothing more American than a good ‘ol hamburger. And yet no other food item is subject to more variation than the good ‘ol hamburger. From fast food “discs”, some of which are good, to a fantastic, big ‘ol greasy burger at your favorite pub (best served with an ice cold beer),…

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  • How to Reverse Sear

    (This post was originally written for the Griller’s Gold blog and has been adapted for this blog. To see the original, click here) Anyone who has cooked a decent amount of time knows the basic technique of searing a cut of meat, fish or poultry to seal the outside, color it and give it flavor,…

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  • Gear up!

    I firmly believe that to properly exercise your creative bents, you need quality tools. I’m a guitarist and while I don’t play pro-quality, many-thousands-of-dollars guitars, the guitars I play are name brand and high quality, and play beautifully. The same goes for cooking and grilling – it’s just very tough to get great results without…

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I’m an ordinary average guy who loves to cook, grill, barbecue, bake, and most importantly, entertain my friends. Enjoy the fun as we journey around my culinary, cocktail and other adventures.

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